Bay Window Curtain Poles Shapes

MD Metal Design can produce Bay Window Curtain Poles in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specifications, bay window type and the interior design of your home. For more information, please get in touch and we can discuss the right Bay Window Curtain Pole for you.

Type A       Bay Curtain Pole Type

A – B =
B – C =

Type B Bay Curtain Pole Type B
A – B =
B – C =
C – D =

Type C Bay Curtain Pole Type C
A – B =                                    A – C =
B – C =                                    B – D =
C – D =                                    A – D =
E =

Type D Bay Curtain Pole Type D
A – B =                                    E – F =
B – C =                                    B –D =
C – D =                                    C –E =
D – E =
G =

Type E Bay Curtain Pole Type E
A – B =     A – D     B – D
B – C =     A – E     C – E
C – D =     F – B
D – E =     F – C
E – F =     G =
A – F =

The above measurements are from ‘wall to wall’ except Type A, where you should request the exact lengths of finished poles.

This technique will accommodate the majority of window types. If your requirements are different please make as detailed a drawing as possible and apply similar measurement techniques (i.e. A – B, B – C).

For straight curtain poles simply measure the finished pole length, excluding finials.

Required ordering information:

  • Pole Type
  • Finial Type
  • Number of Rings
  • Diameter of Pole
  • Special Brackets/Requirements
  • Colour

Please note all standard Curtain Pole Brackets are approximately 50mm from the wall to the back of the pole. If you require longer or shorter brackets please include this in the drawing, however, this is usually only necessary when you require a clearing for radiators, blinds, protruding sill boards or certain types of eyelet curtains.

Please note in our experience the closer the curtain pole is to the wall the more effective the appearance.

All curtain poles can be top fitted to the ceiling if required, or a mixture of top fix and wall brackets can be supplied. This must be requested when ordering.

Email your measurement drawing(s) to us, including your name, address and telephone number (not mobile please). We will contact you with a price, delivery time etc. Delivery is usually 3-6 weeks from order.

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